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In 2002 Meadowyck Mini Farm was started

     I started my mini farm on 5 acres in central Kentucky with a herd of 47 Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats in the hopes of becoming the first raw goats milk aged cheddar cheese farm.  I also learned how to use the goats milk to make cold process artisan soap, as my very sensitive skin needed a much milder soap than the commercial chemical laden bars of soap from the big box stores.  The goats milk soap was so wonderful that I've been making soap every since then.   Nothing better than handmade soap!


Sadly, while in the process of moving from Kentucky to northern Ohio, (job relocation) my herd of goats were stolen along with all my equipment.  But once resettled in northern Ohio, I continued with my love of making goats milk soap, only this time purchases goats milk from local dairy goat farms. 


Then a loss of jobs gave me the opportunity to come back home to Florida.   I love miniature items so much that I re-branded my big bars of soap, (don't worry I still sell them) to a smaller size soap bars which resulted in, My Little Soap Bars.  


Now 18 years later and after retiring early, I have decided to go full time at making my soaps and opening up an official web site to offer them to you at your convenience!


I also provide wholesale to Bed & Breakfast locations, wedding favors, and baby showers.  Just contact me for more information.


Thank you for stopping by and reviewing the products I currently have available for sale!


Have A Blessed Day!